Sunday Morning

WELCOME CENTER (Checking in and out)

Woodland Greeters are available to assist with questions you may have. Also let them know:

  • Of any changes or special instructions which need to be added to your child’s name badge (e.g. allergies).
  • If you will be leaving early. Due to the preschool and elementary children doing a lot of moving from room to room throughout the morning you may need a Woodland Greeter’s assistance to know where your child is located.

NURSERY (Infants to 2-years old)

We believe an infant can be “discipled” to know God’s love by our nurturing care. Therefore, our purpose for nursery-aged children is to show them – Jesus loves you!

A significant way Caregivers do this is by providing a God-centered environment that is welcoming, child-friendly, and safe.

Good Things to Bring (Please label everything): Diaper Bag, Bottle/Sippy Cup, Diapers, Change of Clothes, Pacifier, Special Blanket.

Preschool and Elementary:
Sunday School 9:ooam (3yrs-5th grade)                                                                                                                                           

Sunday school hour is considered our teaching hour by which we use the Show Me Jesus “curriculum from Great Commission Publication to help students understand the full story of the Bible with all stories pointing to Jesus. Students enjoy big group teaching and then are continually discipled through small groups.

Teach Me To Worship 10:30am (3yrs-3rd Grade)

Here at ChristChurch, we think it’s important for our covenant children to be present with us in worship as soon as they are able.  Since readiness to participate in the whole service differs from child to child, we  offer           Teach Me to Worship, a  taught curriculum that helps prepare children to worship with their parents.  This program is offered for children ages  4 year olds through 3rd grade in The Woodland.”